Circle Track Radios

Simple. Powerful. Rugged.

Enter the digital age with our RDH16 handheld and still talk to your analog radios! Crisp & clear audio transmissions that's perfect for event staff, race control, security team, and track directors!

Keep Your Radio Within Reach

Say goodbye to fussing with radio mounts! Simply holster your radio with the convenience of a communications belt / bag — easy communication right at your hip.

Keep the Crew Charged & Ready

Keep your crew's handheld radios organized and fully charged with our 6-Pack Bank Charger for RDH16 digital handheld radio!

Our bank charger provides easy and convenient radio management in a 6-pack design, with a central location to charge up to 6 radios simultaneously. Even better, individual indicator lights make it easy to see which radios are charging or fully charged!

Increase Range up to 30%

This UHF long range antenna is specifically designed for the popular UHF RDH-16 Digital Handheld Radio. Experience up to 30% more range with improved transmission and reception after simply screwing off the old antenna and screwing this one on in its place!

Digital Communications for Crew Chiefs & Spotters

This convenient industry-leading kit combines a Rugged Radios headset, RDH16 digital handheld, and coil cord - ready for race day!

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