Stream music wirelessly to your race intercom with the new WM1, Wireless Music Interface from Rugged Radios. Never before has streaming music to your intercom been so easy and affordable.

The clear and powerful WM1 provides a true Bluetooth certified connection from your audio device to your intercom.
Rugged Radios WM1 Intercom Bluetooth Accessory
To connect, simply plug the WM1 to the 6-pin auxiliary port on the back of your intercom. Power up your intercom and pair your Bluetooth device for the fastest and easiest streaming setup ever.

The WM1 is offered in a Molex connector version for intercoms without a 6-pin auxiliary port. The WM1 works with “auto-mute” equipped intercoms so your music will still mute during in-car communications or 2-way radio traffic.

MSRP: $100

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Compared to other Bluetooth Devices, the $100 WM1 Music Interface is a compact and affordable streaming option. Simple to install. Simple to set up. Simple to stream!

Available exclusively from Rugged Radios!

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