Listed below are guides, owners manuals, and tech videos to help with the installation, wiring, and adjusting communication equipment. Click on the appropriate links to view each resource. For any questions or additional resources, please give us a call at +1-888-541-7223 for assistance.

Rugged Radios Mobile Radio and Intercom Installation Instructions

Headsets & Helmet Kits

H28 AlphaBass Headset
H80 Double Talk Intercom Headsets
Wireless RW-H43 Bluetooth Headsets
Wireless Double Talk Headsets
Wireless Aviation RW-900 Headset
Using Headset Hanger Bands
Offroad Helmet Kit Pin Out (Wiring)
Helmet Kit Installation Guide


Antenna Tuning Video (cutting, adding fittings)
Antenna Installation & Tuning Charts
How to Use a SWR Meter
Installing a UHF Connector

Installation Guides

Complete Intercom Kit Installation
Mobile Radio Wiring Diagram
Can-Am X3 Mount Installation Instructions

Nitro-Bee & Nitro-Scan

Nitro-Scan Instructions
Nitro-Bee Instructions (Pre Nov 2017)
Nitro-Bee Instructions (post Nov 2017)
Nitro-Bee PLUS Instructions
Resetting Your Nitro Bee


Bluetooth Pairing Instructions
Custom Ear Mold Instructions
External Speaker with 10 Watt Amplifier (MLS-310)
Getting Grounded with Ground Straps
How to Use an Audio Filter
Magellan TRX7 Owner's Manual
Magellan TRX7 Quick Start Guide
Rhino Face Plate Installation

Wiring Diagrams

5-Pin Headset Wiring Diagram
5-Pin to Molex Connector Pin Out Diagram
Understanding Jack Conductors and Tips for Offroad, Peltor, IMSA, NASCAR, CompCom, and Stilo (diagram included)
Connect a Tablet or GPS to an Intercom
Variable Speed Controller Wiring Diagram


Rugged Radios

Rugged Radios RH5R-V2 User Guide
Rugged Radios RM-45 & RM-60 User Guide


Motorola CP185 User Guide
Motorola Mag One User Guide
Motorola VX-2200 User Guide
Motorola VX-261 User Guide

Vertex Standard

Vertex VX-2200 Owners Manual
Vertex HX-370S Handheld Radio Owners Manual
Vertex VX-2100 and VX-2200 Product Spec Sheet
Vertex VX-160 and VX-180 Owners Manual
Vertex VX-350 Owners Manual


Rugged RRP660 Intercom User Manual
Rugged RRP696 Intercom User Manual

Mount Diagrams

For Can-Am

Can-Am Commander RM25R Radio & Intercom Mount
Can-Am Commander RM60 Radio & Intercom Mount
Can-Am X3 RM25R Radio & Intercom Mount
Can-Am X3 Mount Installation Instructions

For Polaris

Polaris General RM60 Radio & Intercom Mount
Polaris RZR 570/800/900 RM60 Radio & Intercom Mount
Polaris RZR XP1000 RM25R Radio & Intercom Mount
Polaris RZR XP1000 RM60 Radio & Intercom Mount

For Yamaha

Yamaha YXZ RM25R Radio & Intercom Mount
Yamaha YXZ RM60 Radio & Intercom Mount

Universal Mounts

Billet Face Plate for RM25
In-Dash Mount for RM25R
Billet Face Plate for RM60
In-Dash Mount for RM60
Intercom Panel Mount Bezel
Universal SXS RM25R Radio & Intercom Mount
Universal SXS RM60 Radio & Intercom Mount

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