12' Ft. RACE Antenna Coax Cable Kit (Clearance)

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12' Ft. RACE Antenna Coax Cable Kit (Clearance)

New/Liquidation Special

Specially developed for racing, this unique antenna cable provides a number of performance and service benefits over traditional NMO antenna cables.

The bulkhead NMO features a unique threaded connection, allowing easy replacement of the antenna cable when necessary. Simply unscrew the race cable and screw on the replacement.

Need to replace the NMO mount? No problem. Simply unthread the antenna cable and re-install a new NMO Bulkhead Adapter.

From servicing to durability and performance, this race setup is ideal for racing and anyone seeking the best antenna setup.


    • Threaded replaceable cable
    • Threaded replaceable 5/8" NMO Bulkhead Adapter
    • 12 feet of RF shielded RG-58 Cable
    • Nickel-plated brass NMO mount protects against corrosion
    • Tinned Copper Braid 95%, solid insulation, stranded tinned copper center conductor
    • Can be mounted in material up to 5/16" thick (8mm)
    • UHF male connector
    • Replacement bulkhead adapter here

    Antenna not included.

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