2-Person - 696 Complete Communication System - with Helmet Kits


The complete communication experience for 2 riders using helmet kits! Easily talk to your passengers, communicate with other cars, answer calls, and stream music through your phone. This kit includes everything you need to take the conversation further.

Key Features:

  • Talk between passengers
  • Communicate with other vehicles
  • Includes 2 Helmet Kits (Expandable)
  • Make phone calls & stream music via Bluetooth
  • Record intercom audio to GoPro with optional cable

2-Person - 696 Complete Communication System - with Helmet Kits

Talk between passengers, communicate with other vehicles, listen to music and make phone calls - our complete communication kits do it all!

Our RRP696 intercom allows you to talk to passengers without yelling, directly through the headsets or helmet kits. Just start talking and the auto music-dimming attenuates your music, making conversation easy.

Ready to talk to other vehicles in your group? Simply press the included PTT (push-to-talk) on the steering wheel or grab-bar to transmit. Again, the music dims and you're ready to talk through our crystal clear RDM-DB digital business band mobile radio.

For music and phone calls, simply pair your phone via Bluetooth and you’re ready to stream. Easily connect to Ride Command, GPS, or any Bluetooth device. The high output amplifier provides high fidelity audio for the best in music enjoyment. The enhanced music controls allow you to shuffle through your music directly from the faceplate of the intercom.

These complete kits have everything you need, including basic mounting brackets. Click here to explore our full line of mounting solutions.

Business License is required. Click here to learn more.

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    Intercom Features:

    • Built-in Bluetooth for music streaming and cell phone conversation
    • Set VOX volume threshold to activate your mic for in-car communication
    • Music play/pause/volume/skip/call answer/call end buttons
    • Double stacked knob for volume and VOX control
    • 2-way radio ready
    • Connect optional cable to rear AUX port to record intercom audio to GoPro or other device
    • Ports for 4 headsets/helmet kits, expandable to 8


    Radio Kit Features:

    • Powerful digital mobile radio
    • Includes UNI-MAG Mount (2-in-1 mount provides magnetic mount or fixed mount)
    • VHF 1/2 Wave Antenna with Spring
    • 13' Antenna cable
    • Business Band License Required
    • Swapped Ptt’s- Make sure the driver and co-driver push to talk cables are in the correct ports of the intercom. Symptom- Low voice level or no voice level on transmit. A cable tag kit is available - TAG-KIT-ICM.
    • Do not coil excess antenna cable. This reduces the transmit power of the radio. Run the entire length of antenna cable from the antenna mount location to the back of the radio. Run the antenna cable up the A pillar to the rear of vehicle. Avoid pinching cable in door jams. Keep antenna cable separate from power and headset cabling.
    • Intercom and radio power and ground wiring needs to be connected directly to the battery. The buss bar is not isolated to the battery only. Several other circuits can run through the buss bar causing electrical noise.
    • Antenna grounding.The power is grounded through the radio, but when the coax is touching metal (aluminum, steel or even carbon fiber) it also helps to create a ground plane from the metallic surface/roof - increasing your radio range.If mounting to a plastic or fiberglass roof and there are no intersecting metal bars, using tin tape in a 36” cross will help push the antenna signal up and out instead of down and into the car, causing interference and reduced radio range.
    • Most noise or feedback issues are related to improperly routed cables.
      First, make sure your communication equipment is wired directly to the battery of the vehicle. Next, make sure your antenna's coaxial cable is routed properly; not coiled, and not routed alongside headset or power cables.
      Finally, make sure the antenna is not placed directly above the radio or battery. For more information, please read our Installation Tech Guide.
      Please give us a call if your problem persists: 1-888-541-7223
    • Run additional ground straps to the chassis of the vehicle, not to the battery or buss bar. This eliminates ground loops.
    • Make sure the hand mic is not in use if your radio is connected to an intercom. This can cause noise on transmit. 
    • If your antenna requires a ground plane you can use GP-DISC-6.
    • Make sure when grounding radio chassis that the ground cable is connected to the mounting screws.
    • Do not over tighten zips ties around cabling. This can damage cables. 
    • Make sure to properly strain relief steering wheel PTT to prevent cable damage.
    • Do not cut the power cables from the radio and intercom, this can void your warranty. 
    • Use proper hardware when installing radio and intercom systems. This hardware is provided with purchase.
    • Please read all installation instructions before installing your communication system.
    • Do not reverse polarity when connecting power. Red to positive, Black to negative. Reverse polarity will damage radio and intercom and void warranty.

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