Rugged Ready | 2020 UTV World Championship

Rugged Ready | 2020 UTV World Championship

When all the dust settled on this year’s UTV World Championship, many Rugged Radios athletes took home wins and podium finishes across all the classes. Over 250 of the world’s best UTV racers descended on Lake Havasu City, Arizona to compete for the honor of winning the title of UTV World Champion. 

Ryan Piplic brought his T815 Polaris RZR across the line first in the Desert Pro Turbo class.  Ryan wasn’t able to prerun the course so he had to rely heavily on his co-driver, Drew Schultz, and their in-car communications.

Ryan was shocked how rough the course was. “When I say it was destroyed, that’s an understatement! It was endless miles of washboard, huge rocks, massive dangers, and the dust… the dust was BAD!” Shortly into the second lap they passed the physical leader and stayed there for the entire race.

Ryan and his Team use the RRP-6100 Intercom and Rugged Race Radio to stay connected both in-car and between their pits.

Ryan Piplic says, “I’m so thankful for the Rugged communications, because in this type of race it makes the difference between a win and a loss! To know the time gaps for the other racers, and how hard you have to push or don’t push is critical!” Congratulations to Ryan and his whole Team.

“In the end we came home with the win, and I couldn’t be more excited to get my first major desert win!” 


RRP6100 Race Intercom Features:

    •    Durable design, field tested and race proven
    •    Reliable and clear driver to co-driver communication
    •    Driver isolate switch for 100% focus
    •    Independent driver/co-driver volume controls
    •    GPS, Satellite Phone, Smart Phone, GoPro ready
    •    Digital Speech Processor (DSP) compatible



RRP696 Recreation Intercom Features:

    •    Durable design, field tested and approved
    •    Reliable and clear in-car communication
    •    Bluetooth music, cell, and GPS with easy controls
    •    Voice activation (VOX) lowers music volume during conversation
    •    GPS, Satellite Phone, Smart Phone, GoPro ready
    •    2-4 person ready and expandable up to 8 people



Ronnie Anderson started on the first row outside and was able to beat everyone into the first turn for the hole shot! He had a clean first lap with zero dust.

Ronnie and his Team use their comms to get time splits on how far up (or down) on time they are. “My team let me know through the radios that I had just over a 5 minute lead, and should pit to check the car over.”

Ronnie also said, “I use our comms to let my Team know if I have a flat tire or if something is broken, so they can be prepared in the hot pit.”

Ronnie held a commanding lead on the field throughout the race; battling through dust and traffic, and would be the first UTV across the finish line, taking the top spot on the podium!

Friday’s win marked Ronnie’s 5th win in the last 6 races, and this weekend he heads to Glen Helen looking to bring home his first Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Championship. Good luck, Ronnie!

SS-RDH Single Seat Kit w/ Digital Handheld Features:

    •    Durable design, race tested and proven
    •    Crystal clear two-way communication
    •    Easily transmit via steering wheel Push-To-Talk (PTT)
    •    Helmet Kit equipped with 3.5mm jack for Ear Buds
    •    Works well with our Crew Chief/Spotter Kits

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