Race Receivers

The Nitro Bee and Nitro Bee PLUS race receivers monitor a single UHF channel for radio traffic. This listen-only device allows the user to receive or hear radio traffic but cannot transmit their own message back.

Both the Nitro Bee & the Nitro Bee PLUS offer coveted features such as button lock, programmable privacy/tone codes, mono or stereo audio output, and programmable turn-on default channel. The most common reason for upgrading to the Nitro Bee PLUS is when used in-line with a two way radio.

FOR FANS: A race receiver is great device for race fans to monitor their favorite race driver or team. Simply program the frequency you want to listen to and use the included earbuds to listen. If you prefer to use a headset instead of earbuds, please reference the "Spotter Diagram" below.

FOR RACE TEAMS: Mandated by most short course tacks around the country, race receivers are commonly required for drivers to monitor race official radio traffic. This provides an added safety measure by allowing officials to warn all drivers of accidents or debris on the track. Race receivers are also commonly used by spotters to not only monitor race officials but also their team's radio traffic. Be sure to check your rulebook for communication requirements.

Spotter Diagram

To complete this set-up you will need a Nitro Bee or Nitro Bee PLUS, a Behind-The-Head Headset with 3.5mm port, we recommend the H42 Headset, and a Short Scanner Cable to connect them. If you prefer to locate the Receiver on your belt instead of the headset, a Coil Cord Scanner Cable can be used in replace of the Short Scanner Cable.

Nitro Bee Spotter Kit Diagram

Driver Diagram

To complete this set up you will need a Nitro Bee PLUS Receiver, a Single Seat Driver Kit of your choice and an inline adapter cable.

Nitro Bee Driver Kit Diagram

*This only works with the Nitro Bee PLUS, not the Nitro Bee.


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