Handheld Radios: GMRS, Business Band, Amateur Band

Shop a wide range of handheld radios for any environment. Rugged Radios offers portable, rechargeable GMRS, FRS, business band, and amateur band radios in analog, digital, UHF and VHF. Choose between a variety of walkie talkie compatible GMRS and FRS hand radios for your next adventure, or VHF & UHF business band radios - perfect for long range 2 way communications.

Still using CB radios? Jeep clubs everywhere are making the switch to GMRS radios. The higher power and walkie-talkie compatibility makes GMRS the clear choice over lesser-powered CB options.

Popular for overland, Jeep, recreational, and general public use.

Used by professional racers and in commercial and industrial envirnoments.

Also known as Ham, is a popular hobby radio platform.


Which radio is right for you?

GMRS is easy to use and walkie-talkie compatible! The frequency band operates well in heavily wooded areas, or any environment with obstructions including canyons, mountains, and forests.

Examples of Use:

• UTV Recreation

• Overland

• Jeep

• Hiking & Adventure


Business Band is used by professional race teams for communication in offroad desert racing! It's also a great solution for professional agriculture and farming operations.

Examples of Use:

• UTV Offroad Racing

• Professional race teams

• Commercial & industrial

• Agriculture


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