Belt Station Push to Talk PTT for OFFROAD wired headsets and helmets

Regular price $65.00

Built with the Military Grade Nexus Belt Clip/Mounted PTT is the perfect solution for co-drivers or spotters that need to connect their helmet or headset to a 2-way handheld radio*. The ability to be flexible by getting out of the car or moving to a better spotting area. 


  • Military Grade Construction
  • 100,000 Cycle PTT
  • Universal 5-pin port
  • OFFROAD wired jack (Wll not work with Peltor, IMSA or other wired jacks)

Connects to Handheld Radios with the use of our wide range of Radio Jumpers. 
Connects to most Off-road Wired Headsets and Helmets with Nexus Style connector. 

*Great for connecting handheld radio to driver or co-driver with helmet kit