Hand Mic for Icom F5021 Mobile Radio

SKU: HM-F5021
Regular price $99.99

Replacement Hand Microphone for Icom F5021, F6021, F5011, F6011, F5020, and others.

Compatible with Icom Radios: IC-F5010, IC-F6010, IC-F5011, IC-F6011, IC-F5012,IC-F6012, IC-F5013,IC-F6013, IC-F5021, IC-F6021, IC-F5022, IC-F6022, IC-F5023, IC-F5026, IC-F6023, IC-F5060, IC-F6060, IC-F5061, IC-F6061, IC-F5062, IC-F6062, IC-F5063, IC-6063, IC-F5023H, IC-F5026H, IC-F6023H, IC-F5013H, IC-F6013H, IC-F9511HT, IC-F9511T, IC-F9511S, IC-F9521T, IC-F9521S, IC-F9523S, IC-F9523T, IC-F5220D, IC-F6220D, IC-F5121D, IC-F6121D, IC-F5061D, IC-F6061D, IC-F5062D, IC-F6062D, IC-F5122D, IC-F6122D, IC-F5123D, IC-F6123D, IC-F5360D, IC-F6360D, IC-F5060D, IC-F6060D