Polaris Xpedition Handheld Radio Mount for R1 / GMR2 / GMR2 PLUS / RDH16 / V3 / RH5R

Regular price $25.00

Securely clip your handheld radio to the A-Pillar in your Polaris Xpedition. This mount has been designed to be bolted directly to the A-Pillar using stock hole locations. No drilling required!

Features lightweight construction and black textured powder coating. Same mount can be used on either driver or passenger side A-Pillar.

This mount may work with other handheld radios, but is confirmed to work with Rugged Radios handhelds including R1, GMR2, RDH16, V3, and RH5R.

Requires a belt clip on the radio to securely fasten to the mounting plate.

Mounting hardware included.  

Compatible with the Polaris Xpedition.