Music Input and Audio Record Connect Cable for Intercom AUX Port

Regular price $45.00

Capture the intercom audio onto your GoPro Camera with this specialty cable.

Simply plug the 6 pin connector into the rear AUX port on the back of your intercom, connect the black 3.5mm plug into your music source, and the 3.5mm red plug plugs into a GoPro camera 3.5mm Mic Adaptor (available from GoPro at this link).

Once connected, you can capture all the excitement and intercom chatter making your GoPro footage more exciting for everyone.

This audio cable will work with any camera already equipped with a 3.5mm mic input port.

Cable Dimensions:

  • 1ft to split
  • 6ft for audio record and music

The GoPro Mic Adaptor is required for use with GoPro Cameras and available directly from GoPro at this link. 

Does not work with RRP510 Intercoms. Use Molex Style Music and Audio Record Cable instead.